Add these books to your library!

photoThe Courthouses of Texas! Pastor Tom complied this book from the pictures that he took when Kay and he drove to the 254 counties of Texas!  It is meant to be a prophetic prayer guide to lead you through the regions and counties of Texas on a journey of prayer.  It’s $20.

Your Destiny, His Glory! examines and explores the gifts in Romans 12 with the explicit purpose to help you understand your own design, your anointing, and even your strongholds which have held you back from fulfilling your destiny!

You are unique with gifts and resources designed to bring you into fulfillment and intimacy with our Father, giving you identity, His identity. Created in His image and formed by Him, His very own fingerprint is found in233425419 your DNA. He has written your destiny in His book, and He has equipped you to come into that destiny.

When you were created in your mother’s womb, the Father gave you one lifelong “heart motivational” or grace gift found in Romans 12. Satan has spent all of your life denying you the truth of this gift. As you understand and begin to move fully in your Grace gift, you will discover more of your identity in Him.  It’s $15.

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