A Key First Fruits Prophecy!

grainfields_bakery_bc1fc583_9269_1417_1b86_f467f915800dA Key Firstfruits Prophecy!
“I am stirring the wind that will surprise you. What you have cast on the waters, I will stir a wind and water – a whirlwind – and that whirlwind will cause what you have cast on the waters in the past to come forth. A new land you will secure for your inheritance for the future. The portion that I have you activate your faith for now, will be a portion that manifests in the future. So I will bring back something to you that has gone out on the water; the bread will come back, but then you will secure what will be your future in days ahead.

“The sound of blessing is in the wind. I have put names of blessing in the wind, and this is an hour My people will direct the wind. Call to the north, call to the south, call to the east, call to the west, because as you begin to loose the breath, the breath and blessing in the winds will begin to settle on My people. (A strong, wild wind and storm hit here yesterday.)

“I have set ambushments for your enemies. I have set, by My hand, things that you will discover as you walk out your day. I have set ambushments and I am having a harvest of your enemies out of the structure. The structure is in the blood and My blood overcomes every other structure. I am transferring wealth into the Kingdom of God. You will bind the strong man and harvest the structure.

“This is a new season of Sowing and Reaping. As you sow, exorbitant praise is pouring out His Glory! As you sow today it’s not as you have sown in the past. You will reap 100-fold as you sow into this new move.” (Acijam Otxoa, Chuck D. Pierce, Brian Kooiman, Anne Tate, Marty Cassady)

An Azusa Wind Stirs in Jerusalem!
In this Hei month, it’s not a surprise we could hear the wind swirling in the tongue message that was brought forth. Amber Pierce had already shared with me what she experienced in Jerusalem while webcasting the Azusa gathering. She shared:

On Saturday night (April 9), I sat outside of our home here in Jerusalem and began to watch the Azusa Now gathering through the webcast. I had been watching for about an hour and at the exact moment that they began to pray for Israel and sing over Israel, God began to move the weather over me. There had been no wind all day. At the very moment that the Azusa group began to pray for Israel, the wind began to blow loudly and violently from every direction. All of the trees began to whip around in a circular motion. I sat in awe of the sudden sign that God brought from the very moment that prayers were going out from Los Angeles, California all the way to the other end of the earth in Jerusalem. He said to me, ‘Now you will see Me move in Jerusalem and all of Israel to the ends of the earth.’ In the past 48 hours, I have been experiencing a very strong presence of heaven. I’m sure that there has been such a huge shift and now, we as a body will see things longed for and dreamed of. It feels as if a culmination of dreams from the past few years are about to come to pass.

The Lord is saying, “Things that have been scattered in the past, I am bringing them back in. Get ready to catch the wind and all that comes in!”

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