A New Season of Prayer

Dear Members and Friends

As was announced yesterday in worship, we have entered a new season of prayer at Prince of Peace House of Prayer which links us to the heritage of our past and catapults us into the future. This season of prayer will not only define our destiny but will help set the city, county, state and nation into kingdom alignment.

For these next 50 days as we approach Shavuot (Pentecost) you are exhorted to spend time daily in prayer, but also schedule time or times when you can come to the church and pray. We are re-establishing our prayer room (last room on the right as you go towards the Fellowship Hall) for this purpose. John Tilley was already at the church early this morning to caulk in the cracks in the wall and remove all pictures and holes. Next week the room will be painted and new pictures and paintings (designed to reflect this new season) will be placed on the walls. USE the room even though it is in the stage of disarray and change. That is part of the reason for our prayers.

ALSO, until Pentecost, we will pray every Friday in the Prayer Room during the hours of 11 PM to 5 AM. Kelly Wilson and Christine Griggs have already volunteered for this Friday. If you come to join them, please knock on the back door (Herschel Street side) that is closest to the Fellowship Hall so they can let you in, since the doors will be locked.


Blessings to you

Thomas Schlueter

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