We are a Spirit-filled and kingdom-minded fellowship that desires to worship and glorify God as we proclaim Jesus Christ to the world.


As a church, our vision is …

  • To grow into an intimate relationship with God through worship, prayer and study
  • To grow in a bonding relationship with each other through fellowship and ministry, and
  • To grow into a loving, witnessing and serving relationship with those who make up our circles of influence at work, play and home


The Lord has given us a mandate to come into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him through various expressions of worship and intercession.  He desires for us to come into His presence.  He desires for us to seek His face above all else.  If none of the other mandates listed below took place, this would be the one that must!   We are called to:

  •  Seek His face
  •  Come into intimacy with Him
  •  Worship Him
  •  Commune and Communicate with Him
  •  Have a lifestyle of prayer—everything flowing from His heart as we spend time with Him in prayer
  •  Love Him with all our heart, with all of our soul, with all of our mind, with all of our strength.
  •  Be an inner court ministry—desiring Spirit to spirit life in God’s presence.

We have a mandate as a strategic house of prayer to pray for the pastors and the congregations of the City of Arlington, the City of Arlington, the State of Texas and beyond:

  • That the level of intercession would increase—bringing the City of Arlington and beyond into the redemptive purpose and destiny that God has ordained for it.
  • That strategic intercessory networks would be established throughout the city and Metroplex.
  • That the Church of the City would come into its redemptive purpose as one Bride and also as the individual congregations of that Bride in the City.
  • That we would indeed see that day when the City is transformed and we witness the very real Lordship of Jesus Christ over the City.

The Lord has given Prince of Peace Church a mandate to bring each individual of the congregation and the congregation as a corporate unit into its redemptive purpose and destiny.

  • Use every method possible to seek out, to enhance, to encourage, to equip and to release people in Christ Jesus where they are seen as discipled leaders in His Kingdom. The issue is not that they be in some world-renowned or highly recognized leadership role.  Leadership simply means being in that place where God has ordained a person to be in order that they can affect what is going on around them for the Kingdom of God, for the gospel of Jesus Christ and for the work of the Holy Spirit in the Kingdom.
  • Bring each person into his or her redemptive destiny through prayer, through encouragement and through equipping.

We have a mandate to continue the work of placing down and building up the foundation of Jesus Christ in the life of each person in the congregation – especially new converts.  This includes the commission of bringing in the harvest.  It is proclaiming the Word.  It is bringing people to salvation and then making sure that they are established on a good foundation in Him.  This work will be done primarily through:

  •  Courses like Lifting Up Eagles
  •  Our Life Group ministries
  •  Schools of Discipleship
  •  Strategic Training Center
  •  Personal Ministry classes
  •  Personal mentoring
  •  Other training events that are taking place within the congregation and outside the congregation where their foundations can be built up and they can be edified in Jesus Christ.

The Lord has given us a mandate to go to the streets—to the poor, to the homeless, to the destitute.  Our mandate in this area is:

  • To ask Him for strategy
  • To ask Him for vision
  • To ask Him for open doors
  • To ask Him for those areas and places of cooperation where we can work with others.  We are to be obedient to whatever the Lord draws us to—in order to disperse help in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to the poor, to the homeless, to the widow, and to the orphan.

It is the mandate of Prince of Peace Church that we be a cutting edge ministry in the work of missions around the world.

  • That we specifically stand as a people with Israel and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
  • That we keep at the forefront of our thoughts the Biblical injunction to go into the entire world and to all the peoples – asking the Lord to give us the peoples as an inheritance.
  • That we go to the nations, whether that is through physical on-site missionary ministry or through provisional ministry to on-site missionaries.
  • That we devote our lives to the mission field and to the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Our mission field includes the far reaches of the earth and the neighborhood that surrounds Prince of Peace Church.  As a part of this mandate we would minister to those nations that the Lord would draw us into relationship with that would become a primary focus of the ministry of Prince of Peace.

We have a mandate to be an Apostolic Ministry, a sending-forth ministry, a ministry that multiplies, that does not have as its focus solely on 1701 Martin Luther.  We should strive in the Lord to ensure…

  • That our ministry would be reproductive and sending-out in its nature
  • That we would be in the process of sending people out to minister to the streets of the City and to the streets of the nations in order to birth ministries wherever the Lord plants us.
  • That we would develop as a Strategic Training Center in molding and releasing persons grounded in worship, prayer and healing!
  • That we would see the development of our members, under an apostolic covering, as leaders within our community, in our nation and in the world.
  • That we would encourage people and send people out to do the work of the ministry.
  • That being apostolic, we would see it as a part of this mandate to link together (network) with apostolic ministries from our area and from around the world.  As a networked Body of Christ, we can do more together than we could if we were by ourselves.
  • That we are to be an Apostolic Church. We are to be filled with the Holy Spirit of God.  We are to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord.  We are to be a church after His own calling.

*          First written in Fall of 1988

**        First written in Fall of 1999