Awakening Our Prophetic Destiny for the Future

awakening600In the last several years, we have seen great changes in the rule of the world and changes in governmental and economic structures. For many, it seems like their life is spiraling out of control and there is no hope for the future. However, I believe the Lord is saying, “I will have a people that rise up in the midst of the chaos. This is the hour when many will awaken to My plans and purposes, and will embrace their destiny I have prepared for them!” Many people say that we are preparing for visitation. However, I believe we have already entered a year of visitation so we can be prepared for the future!

One of the leaders that best represents the awakening call is Dutch Sheets. He holds a burning desire for a sweeping revival to return this nation to its Godly heritage. He is also a messenger of hope, and is traveling across this nation for a series of gatherings to raise an appeal to heaven for revival in this land. I have asked Dutch to join me for a special weekend next month, Awakening Our Prophetic Destiny for the Future! I hope many of you can join us on November 20-22 to:
Develop Your Warfare Strategies for Triumph!
Receive a New Prophetic Anointing!
Align with the Appeal to Heaven for our Nation!
Release Passionate Worship to Change the Atmosphere of this Land!

There is no charge to attend Awakening Our Prophetic Destiny for the Future, but registration is required. We will begin on Friday at 7 PM, meet all day Saturday, and conclude on Sunday morning. Register today at or by calling 1-888-965-1099 or 1-940-382-7231. If you cannot join us onsite, please try and connect by webcast. There is no charge to webcast, and you will register when you sign on to the live webcast. Let this be a weekend that breaks apathy and hope deferred so we can embrace God’s vision for the best that is yet ahead!

Chuck D. Pierce

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