Elijah Thrones – Mentioned Again in Today’s Sermon

mt-carmelHere is the word from today:

I’ve been carrying a word for the past year about the emergence of Elijah Thrones. I’ve taught on it a little bit, but this is the first time in recent memory where I feel like I can decree it.

Jezebel had her throne in the nation, right?

But God brought a throne, in set, a throne in place in Israel in His covenant land, that no man nor devil could push back and…..

I prophesy and declare to you the emergence of Elijah Thrones.

I believe this sanctuary, this seat of authority, this is a maturing Elijah Throne where you are going to have some of the same responsibilities, the same visitations as Elijah had. The same anointing as Elijah had. He literally stood in the council of God to save a nation.

God gave him a Plan of Action to take the nation from drought into the restoration of rain and even restore an entire economy and restore God’s covenant with the land.

I feel like God’s giving for this congregation, for Apostle Tom and for this congregation an Elijah Throne to steward. So there’s literally with this word an immediate updraft!

God is saying…

You’ve been waiting for this, you’ve been praying into this.

But this whirlwind you are facing is taking you higher and in the mist of this whirlwind you’re going to find a place of peace in the center of the storm. Many people have said that, but literally allow the challenges and the storms you are facing to seat you in a new way on that throne.

The little sacrifices that you make for Him, the little things you do that nobody else sees – they are lightning and thunder before the Throne of God.  He takes it into the depths of His Being.

He appreciates it with all of His heart.

The Intimate times that you spend with Him, He cherish and He is calling you to this twofold dimension of intimacy with Him and governmental authority that restores this nation back to God.

And when Elijah prayed, He didn’t cut his body like the prophets of Baal.

He didn’t chant endlessly like the prophets of Baal.

He just followed what God said to do and when that action was complete, he said,’ Now God send your fire that this people may know that you are the Lord and that you have restored their hearts back to you’.



Apostle and Prophet Jon Hamill (09-09-2015)

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