First Fruits Friday

We will meet at 7 PM, Friday evening, June 3. Iyar is the second of the twelve months of the Jewish hi_5975calendar. In the Bible, the month of Iyar is often called the month of Ziv, meaning “radiance.” This month is commonly referred to as the month of (natural) healing. Its name is an acronym for “I AM God your Healer.” (Exodus 15:26) Iyar is associated with the tribe of Issachar, which is known for its anointing to understand the times and to understand secrets.

This month is linked with light, which signifies increased revelation. Isaiah 60 says that the glory can be seen on you and radiates off of you. This is the month that you need to light up with His glory. To understand Iyar, we can look at what happened to Israel coming out of Egypt. Nisan, the first month, was the month of leaving Egypt; and Sivan, the third month was the month they arrived in Sinai and Torah was given. So Iyar is a month of transition. God’s people were transitioning to a new level in their relationship with Him. When Israel passed out of Egypt, they knew they were God’s people, but they didn’t knlisa_00-150x150ow much about GOD. During this time, God began to reveal His covenant secrets to them. He is our healer (YAHWEH RAPHA). He is our provider (YAHWEH JAIRA). He is our banner of victory.

Lisa McFarland, founder of Warring Dove International, will be bringing God’s Word to us on First Fruits Friday (June 3).

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