It is the mandate of Prince of Peace Church to be a cutting edge ministry in the work of missions next door and around the world. We are…

  • To keep at the forefront the Biblical command to go into the entire world and to all the peoples — asking the Lord to bring them into His kingdom.

  • To go to the nations, whether that is through physical on-site missionary ministry or through provisional ministry to missionaries already stationed in foreign lands.

  • To devote our lives to the mission field – the far reaches of the earth and the neighborhood that surrounds Prince of Peace Church.

The Lord is drawing us to the streets — to the poor, to the homeless and to the destitute. We are called to bring forth provision, healing, deliverance and aid. Prince of Peace is involved in many local, regional, national, and international missions. Click on the linked sites below for more information and to give:

Israel – Singermans (Jerusalem Hills Inn),

Belgium – Gathrights (Four Corners Global Ministries),

Papua New Guinea – Bomotengs (Our Saviours Lutheran in Lae),

Guatemala (Inter-American School) and the nations of the world!