Operating in the Courts of Heaven

CourtsBookThe dates are set!  Starting on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, we will start studying the course “Operating in the Courts of Heaven” by Apostle Robert Henderson. Robert will be with us the first night (Wednesday, February 10 at 7) to set the stage.

This s one of the the most important messages for today’s church as we seek for God’s kingdom and will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. I wrote the following as a promo for his book:

“From the first time I heard Robert teach on the Courtroom of Heaven, the paradigms of my ministry have been shaking and shifting.  I was fully aware, with our apostolic intercessory work in Texas, of the authority that we carry as kings and priests of the Most High God, but this material ushered me into a whole new realm of understanding and impartation.  Whether we are grandpas, pastors, CEOs, mothers, students or a prayer leader over Texas, it is a powerful revelation to know that your destiny (and the destiny of states and nations) has been inscribed on the books that are set before the Judge and King of all creation.  And He has invited us into that courtroom in order to release and decree the destiny into the earth.  This book, Operating in the Courts of Heaven is not a just a “must” read, it is a “must” mindset.” Dr.Thomas Schlueter.

Come and join us.  You will need a copy of the book and the workbook before the class begins.  You Hendersoncan order them from http://www.roberthenderson.org/#/BooksandCDs/, Amazon or we will have copies for sale at the church.

Set the dates now on your calendar!  Pass the word!  Join us as we journey into His courts!

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