Passover Seder – Resurrection Day

This year we will celebrate our 28th annual Passover Seder. It will be held at 10:00 AM on Sunday, April 16 (Resurrection Day). Sign up sheets for attendance, food supplies and setup are available.

You must sign up for the meal.  You can email at

Here is a portion of a word given at Glory of Zion last Sunday: “This is the time to raise up the banner that displays My Name as the Ancient of Days.  Remember that where there has been a failure, I have already been there. Where there has been a triumph, I have already been there. Wherever My people need deliverance, I have already been there.  I set your times and seasons.  Now is the time to lift up the banner of Ancient of Days, and you will see the enemy topple at your feet. This is a time to knock voices out of place.  I will address what has wearied your mind, how you have attempted to do everything right and the enemy’s constant condemnation against you. I am knocking out of place that condemning voice that has tried to rule you and remove the joy that I long to raise up within you.  That joy is the strength for your future. There is a shaking that I will cause, as the sound arises of My People in the earth.  I will bring wisdom from the foundation of the earth that I have stored for this hour. Shake it loose!  Your enemies are My enemies. Move forward and watch Me be your rearguard.  I have not called you to go back and deal with your past. Rather, this is a time for you to move forward and watch Me knock your past out of place!

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