Seeding into the Future

IVPAViNC_400x400Jason Heilman sent me the following letter today. Kay and I will be supporting him with a gift. This is seeding into the future of Prince of Peace House of Prayer. Prayerfully consider a gift. Jason will be leading worship for us on July 12.

Blessings to you
Tom Schlueter
Prince of Peace House of Prayer – Pastor
Texas Apostolic Prayer Network – Director

Begin forwarded message:

I was sitting in my ministry office in early June. I was praying about the new season and asking God for wisdom and revelation. I’ve been stirred about developing regional worship/music based prayer gatherings again, both here in Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond.

As I was sitting there contemplating ideas, God clearly spoke to me, “Jason, go check on what Sean Feucht has been up to.” For those of you who do not know, Sean is the founder of Burn 24/7, a ministry devoted to founding regional hubs of worship, prayer and missions in cities all across the earth.

As I began to surf their website, God began speaking to me about getting involved with Sean and The Burn. This was SO NOT on my radar up until this moment. I thought I was going to launch something new on my own and build a new team. I even looked to the Lord and said, “God, are you serious.” I was just not prepared for what was happening… But the more I thought about it, the more I got excited.

I looked at Sean’s travel schedule, and sure enough, he was going to be in the DFW area in just a few weeks. I felt the Lord tell me to get in touch with him. I texted Sean via the phone # I had for him. I was not even sure if it was still his number it had been so long… But it was still his number, and to shorten the story, fast forward to me and Sean sitting together in a coffee shop in Denton, TX a few weeks later…

We began talking about the DFW region and how the Burn has not been represented here for the last few years. It began to become clear to both of us in that moment that God had orchestrated something and both Sean and I committed to a time of prayer regarding my wife and I becoming the regional directors for the Burn 24/7 DFW.

An Invitation To The Burn Summit

The Burn Worldwide Summit is a yearly, by invitation only, event for Burn Directors. This year it’s being held in Novato, CA. Sean invited me to attend as a prospective director. As I prayed, I heard the Lord say, “You are to go. Step in to the waters of preparation and I will provide your needs.”

The Summit starts July 30 and goes through that weekend. Along with registration, all attendees are required to come up with all expenses.

Will You Invest In To The Future?

This trip was not on my radar until a few weeks ago, so it was not something we had planned on in regards to our monthly budget. In order for us to get to California, we are asking you to invest financially.

I want you to get excited with us and look beyond the trip itself as you pray about what you will invest financially. This trip will be a catalyst for regional worship and prayer being established on another level in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Texas and the United States. Our ministry also has national relationships, a national calling and influence.

Music based prayer meetings are going to become more and more common in the LOCAL CHURCH. God has been speaking this to me. The coming movement is not about simply establishing a monthly regional meeting, it’s about seeing worship and prayer established in many, many local churches. We are also going to have a large emphasis on training and releasing psalmists and minstrels BACK INTO THE LOCAL CHURCH and to share with LOCAL CHURCHES who the psalmists and minstrels are called to be and how to receive from God via the ministry of the psalmist minstrel IN THE LOCAL CHURCH.

This is an exciting time and we are asking you to be a part of it.

The Practical Need & How You Can Join Us Financially Today

For our plane tickets, rental car, lodging and registration we need to raise $1200 ($500 of that ASAP for our plane tickets) There are a few different ways that you can contribute.

If you want to give online, we are going to use both Square payments and PayPal on our website. You can visit and choose the level of giving that you’d desire to invest. If you can give this way, it will help us immediately.

If you’d rather give by check, send your check made out to “Modern Day” and send your check with “Burn Summit” in the memo to: Jason Heilman 35 Abbey Rd Euless, TX 76039

Our goal is to raise these funds by Friday July 17th.

THANK YOU so much for your prayers and financial support. I look forward to the awesome future and what God has planned.

Jason Heilman

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