There is a Small Window for Reviving!

Fire_tornado_kidoThere is a Small Window for Reviving!

I am praising God that our nation is rising up and shouting change! I am so grateful for how the Lord met us on Sunday morning during our Celebration Service. There are times when the Lord desires to express His power and anointing, and we experienced this during the worship and prophetic release. Even here in Israel, still we carry what was released during that time. In this Hebraic month of Cheshvan, a month the Lord wants to draw His anointing out of us, we must allow His Spirit to draw a new anointing out of each of us. The previous anointing we had will not sustain us in this year of the whirlwind.

As I shared on Sunday morning, we are in a small window for reviving. Revival is the restoring to life of your spirit man. This Holy Spirit action releases the power to grasp the destined will of God for your life! This is a time when the whirlwind of Heaven is breaking into our lives and society to strengthen us and deliver us from the enemy! Do not fear the winds around you, but remain in the eye of every storm.

One aspect of this “Ayin Hei” revival year is that we are covered and coming under the shadow of His Wing. This means we are being remantled, and coming under His banner of love – regardless of what whirlwind may be storming about us. So to close our time together on Sunday morning, I brought out three banners for each of us to walk under: banner of promise, a banner of glory, and a banner of the whirlwind. I heard the Lord say, “I am going to activate your promises. I am going to surround you in the glory. Then, when you are walking in the whirlwind, you won’t even know anything that is bothering you. You will be able to walk in the midst of the whirlwind because you are in covenant alignment. The glory of God on you will surround you. Your promises are being unlocked, so when that whirlwind comes around, you will remember this day! There are promises that are yea and amen. There’s a glory for you to be covered in. And in the midst of the wind, I will have you stand!”

Chuck Pierce

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