Vision – The Angel

tumblr_lxgcbvJ8Yk1qbn6nco1_500Since I didn’t have my computer with me in DC, I was not able to post this on our website.  Here is the vision Pat Wistner had prior to UnitedCryDC and AzuzaNow.

Vision: I saw an angel with one foot on the east coast and one foot on west coast. As prayers of the saints ascended on the coasts, pressure is applied to the feet. The result is a “gusher” in the middle of the country. At first junk is coming out of the gusher: lots of debris and exposure of things stopping up the well. But eventually the “oil” of the spirit erupts and the righteousness and justice of the founding of this nation comes forth. The gusher flows across the states and establishes the true intent of the founding of the US. Excited about what is taking place this weekend.

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