Vision – Emancipation

This morning at prayers, Jessica Carpenter shared a vision and an article she saw and wrote.  I would like to start posting these kind of revelations so that we can come into agreement with what the Lord is speaking to us.


darkI see this: I man sitting in a chair, in a dark room – the light is coming into the room – dimly at first. All the chains have been loosed from his arms and legs. There isn’t anything holding or covering his eyes. I can no longer see the chains that were holding him, they have disappeared as though they were never there. Yet he is still looking down as though he doesn’t have a reason to live. To his right there is a window and across the room to his left there is an open door, (it isn’t open completely, but it is wide enough to see that it open and not closed). He is no longer confined as he thought he was.

I see him looking up and looking around. There isn’t anyone there to taunt or scare him. Light has filled the room and although it still dark outside the morning is coming—the Light has already come. Get up! This is no trick, where has the enemy gone? Back to the pit of Hell where he belongs! See? You were free all along? Do you believe? Stand up and look around, do you want to continue to dwell in this dead, desolate place? Walk out, run out if you have to. There is no room for growth or for maturity in a dead place.

This the emancipation of your and my spirit, rising up with life. Walk out of that room, down that hallway, and walk out of that building. Do you see the barrenness and emptiness in that building? There is life and not death in Jesus Christ. Do you see the light coming forth through the glass doors? Come out of the darkness and into the God’s marvelous light! Be free, you have been set free, therefore you are free! Don’t give up, for your race is not over, your destiny awaits. If we only knew of the great things that God has in store for us. If only we realized how valuable and precious we are in the kingdom of God. I can see myself now; I see my own worth, my value and my potential. I am never alone, and I am never forsaken. My soul rests in you O’ Lord, and my spirit has peace in you.

HERE IS THE ARTICLE IN PDF FORMAT: Emancipation of my Spirit

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